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Many people in Grand Rapids don’t realize that chiropractors are trained in so much more than just adjustments. Chiropractors are trained to approach the body in a holistic manner utilizing natural methods. In our clinics, we have observed that patients who participate in a holistic treatment plan, enjoy the highest levels of results. An example of a holistic natural treatment plan would include: chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, exercise, stretching, healthy eating, taking nutritional supplements, stress management techniques, good ergonomics, healthy lifestyle choices, elimination of toxic habits and behaviors, and good sleep habits. To give you an example from a well known industry, look at dentistry. A patient who only brushes once and a while will have different outcomes than one who brushes daily. Adding flossing, protective rinses, regular checkups, regular cleanings, and eliminating sugar from their diet will all yield the best results. So, the question is what level of results are you looking for? To find out if a natural holistic approach could benefit your specific situation, contact our office and schedule an evaluation. iChiro Clinics has two locations in Grand Rapids. The north office is at 4150 E. Beltline, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525, 616-447-9888. The south office is at 6750 Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, MI, 49508, 616-656-1830.

Dr. Kwast is the CEO of iChiro Clinics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a wellness speaker for the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, and the Employee Awareness Association.

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