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Massage at Home?

Over the years, I have spoken with thousands of patients in Grand Rapids who would like to empower themselves be healthier and more active.  Obviously, exercise and stretching are great tools that you can do at home and cost nothing.  Another activitiy to add to your homework is massage therapy.  Doing massage at home can be a great way for do-it-yourselfers to help keep their bodies in top form.  One method I recommend is using a STICK.  This is a fantastic tool to work out muscle knots and muscle tension.
massage stickSome of the benefits of using the stick are:

1)  Fatigue.  Your hands don’t get as tired as when you are doing a massage by hand.  The handles make it so you can easily roll the muscles.  If your grandma can still roll cookie dough with a rolling pin and make cookies, she can definately use the stick!

2)  Pressure.  The design of the stick allows you to put large amounts of pressure on the desired muscles.  When doing massage by hand, it can be difficult to exert enough pressure.

3)  No partner needed.  Many people have difficulty finding a partner, and/or a willing partner to work on them.  The stick allows you to work almost all areas by yourself.  You can work you back, arms, legs, feet, neck, shoulders.  This is great if you have neck pain, back pain, plantar fascitis, knee pain, shoulder pain, iliotibial band pain, or other problems.

4)  Prevention.  Even if you are not hurting, the stick will help you find any areas of tension, or muscle knots.  By finding these spots before they hurt, you can work them out to prevent injuries, and to enhance performance.

5) Watch a video.  Learn how to use the stick in this short instructional video.  Video

Try adding the stick to your homework list to keep yourself mobile and active.  It is a great method to keep muscles loose and functional.

Dr. Michael Kwast is a Grand Rapids chiropractor and CEO of iChiro Clinics.  He is an author of the book, 7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health, and a wellness speaker who has been featured on television, radio, and for multiple companies in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Contact Dr. Kwast to set up a wellness seminar for your company.

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