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Stop the Hunchback!

Sit up straight!  Do you remmeber your mother yelling at you to stop slouching?  While a good verbal reminder is always good, in todays “hunched over” culture, it may not be enough.  There are so many things we all do that put us in a compromised posture.  Laptops, computers, cell phones, ipads, driving, eating dinner, watching TV, and a bunch of other activities are all putting us at risk for developing the dreded hunchback posture.   Everytime I go out, I notice people who are hunched over, and they seem to be younger and younger people.  So, what can you do?

mechanical traction

Here are a few suggestions to help you:

1)  Listen to your mother.  Sit up straight!  Try and develop the best posture possible.

2)  Lay on the floor.  Lay on the floor and let your muscles relax and “straighten” out your back.

3)  Do back extensions.  Bridges and back extensions can be great tools to help reverse the hunch.  You can also use a larger exercise ball to extend your back over.

4)  Use intersegmental traction.  Purchase a intersegmental traction bed and lay on it daily.  This is a great tool to push your back into extension, and reverse the hunch.  It also feels great, and is easy to do…you just lay there!

5)  Ergonomics.  Pay attention to your workstation at work and at home.  Raise monitors to prevent you from slouching.  Try a stand up workstation to prevent slouching.

Dr. Michael Kwast is a Grand Rapids chiropractor and CEO of iChiro Clinics.  He is author of the book, 7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health, and a wellness lecturer on radio, TV, and for many companies in the Grand Rapids area.  Contact Dr. Kwast at 616-447-9888, to set up a wellness seminar for your company.

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