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What is your Purpose?

I often am told that I am very passionate about what I do.  People tell me that my offices are so passionate and caring.  While these are exciting feedback statements to get, it really got me thinking.  Why is excitement and purpose missing in so many people’s lives?  What is it that makes someone have passion, caring, and sincere interest?  I know for myself, my purpose comes from a desire to help others live a healthy and high quality of life.  This is backed by my personal desire to serve Christ by doing my absolute best with the tasks he has given me.  My offices’ purpose statement is, “To help as many people as possible get and stay healthy naturally.”

One of the misunderstandings I hear often, is that you can only be a high level “A” player, with passion and excitement, if you are in a job or career that really excites you.  While this is somewhat true, there is another aspect.

As Christians we are all called to work as though we are working for God and not man.  Joseph worked very hard at being a slave…not something most people have a passion for.  While you may not feel passionate about the job God has you in at this moment, you really need to give it your all and perform at the highest level.  Your boss and coworkers should be in awe of your willingness and effort.  This is one way to show the “light” christians are supposed to be for the world.

Go out there and work for the MAN!  God that is!

Dr. Michael Kwast is a Grand Rapids chiropractor, and CEO of iChiro Clinics.  He is the author of the book, “7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health“.  His clinics have received the BBB of West Michigan Trust Award for Ethics in 2014, and Grand Rapids Magazines “Best of Grand Rapids” in 2014.  Dr. Kwast has helped thousands of patients realize a higher level of health.

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