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Be like Grandma?

Frequently, I have patients come in with problems they attribute to age.  While age is a contributing factor, it is rarely the CAUSE of the physical problems I see in the office.  Many of the problems could have been prevented, or minimized if the person had sought out care sooner.  The patients are often upset that they didn’t know they should have acted sooner.  While some of them truly were ignorant, others simply didn’t see the problem as a priority until it became severe.  Here are a few of the things I see:

1)  Arthritis.  Many people believe that arthritis is from age. If this were true, then every joint in your body would be worn out the same, since all the joints were born at the same time.  What happens is the muscles around joints are often injured from activities we do in life.  These muscle injuries cause the muscles to shorten and tighten around the joint.  This causes the joint to become compressed.  The compression causes excessive wear on the cartilage in the joint which is called arthritis.  Most people ignore this discomfort in the early stages, or mask it with anti inflammatories and pain medications.  This allows the problem to worsen over time, giving the impression that age is the culprit.  By intervening in the early stages, joint compression can be easily identified and treated with chiropractic, massage, exercise, stretching, and traction.  This allows the joint to function, and wear out slower.

2) The hunchback look is a part of age.  While this is a common belief, the hunched over posture can be restored.  By utilizing chiropractic, massage, exercise, stretching, and traction, this posture can be reversed over time.  However, preventing the problem would be an even more fruitful endeavor.  Imagine getting checked out regularly at the chiropractor.  As soon as any joint compression or postural hunch was found, treatment was applied, while the problem was minor.  This would keep the hunchback posture at bay, and actually be acting proactively to prevent it from occurring.  This would make much more sense, than wanting for the problem to be severe.

3) Poor mobility is a part of aging.  The physical mobility work you do now, can pay mobility dividends when you are old.  The old, “Use it or lose it”, is very true.  Staying active and watching for joint restrictions is critical to maintaining good mobility.  By utilizing chiropractic, massage, exercise, stretching, yoga, and traction, you can keep your joints working properly, so you can keep your quality of life active.

Dr. Michael Kwast, DC, CSCS is the CEO of iChiro Clinics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the author of the book, 7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health. The iChiro team has been voted the “Best of Grand Rapids“, three years in a row. They have also been awarded the Better Business Bureau of West Michigan’s Trust Award for Ethics, and the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce EPIC award for Small Business of the Year 2016


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