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I am a “Break Fix Kind of Guy”…

Had a patient tell me, “I am a break fix kind of guy”.  I am not sure what that exactly means.  Does that mean you don’t go to the dentist until your teeth hurt?  Do you not change your oil until it is low?  Do you only exercise when you are overweight?

It is hard to understand why anyone would want to come in hurting, when it could have been prevented.  The only thing I can imagine, is that he doesn’t understand the ramifications.  By waiting till it hurts, you are choosing to have more degeneration and osteoarthritis.  You are choosing to increase your chances of injury. You are choosing to have less range of motion.  You are choosing to suffer.  You are choosing to have an increase in whole body inflammation.  You are choosing to have a systemic stress hormone increase. Why would anyone pick this choice, unless they don’t “get it”.  Sad.

Ideally, a patient should come in and say, “Please check me out, find any areas of tightness, restricted motion, muscle knots, and imbalances, so I can have those corrected, so I have less chance of injury and arthritis, so I can perform better in all physical activities, and have an overall better and more active quality of life.”

Why are you waiting to hurt?


Dr. Michael Kwast is a Grand Rapids Chiropractor at iChiro Clinics.  iChiro Clinics has been awarded the Better Business Bureau of West Michigan’s Torch Award for Ethics in 2014, and voted the Best of Grand Rapids in 2015 and 2016.  Dr. Kwast is the author of the book, “7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health“.  He has been a speaker on television, and the host of the radio show, “Shattering the Status Quo“.

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