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What Results Do You Want?

Seem like everyone wants the quick fix.  This is true on many levels.  What many patients don’t understand, is that chiropractic adjustments change the deep stabilizer muscles, not bones.  Muscles hold the bones in the positions they are located.  These muscles will make vertebrae pull to one side or the other, creating the misalignment.  Many also believe that your spinal vertebrae “pop” out of joint.  This can happen with severe trauma and is unlikely to be seen in a chiropractic office, as these patients would typically have paralysis if they had a spinal facet joint dislocation, and would likely be in the emergency room.  Nevertheless, I still hear the familiar, “My back popped out” explanation.  This is simply not how it works.  Adjustments stretch and relax the deep stabilizer muscles.  The problem with muscles is that when they have been shortened for a long period of time, and you then stretch them, the muscle will pull back to the contracted state.  This is why it takes multiple adjustments to change chronic problems with muscles.

Believe me, I would love to go to the gym once a month and reap three times per week results.  Who wouldn’t?  Unfortunately, not realistic.  Make sure you are putting in the effort, and frequency to change the deep muscles.  If you don’t, don’t expect the same level of results.


Dr. Michael Kwast, DC, CSCS is the CEO of iChrio Clinics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the author of the book, 7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health. The iChiro team has been voted the “Best of Grand Rapids“, three years in a row. They have also been awarded the Better Business Bureau of West Michigan’s Trust Award for Ethics, and the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce EPIC award for Small Business of the Year 2016.

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